February 11th, 2003

XBox Me

things that rock/things that suck

Stolen brazenly and shamelessly from suibhne_geilt. :)

Rock: Finishing the rassafraggin' biography on Vodanovic that's been driving me up the wall for the past week.
Suck: Realizing how much research needs to be finished before writing the theatre tradition part of that chapter, as the whole thing's due Friday.

Rock: Having a really good feeling through acting and classical mythology classes.
Suck: Having that feeling literally ripped to shreds (literally) while trying to avoid smokers outside of the class building, and ripping my only fitting pair of jeans.

Rock: Going to Mom's on Friday (and avoiding that lovey-dovey nonsense on Valentine's day).
Suck: That lovey-dovey nonsense is not limited to just that one day, but seems to be spread over all of this week.

Overall suckage: Still feeling that stab of guilt and pain whenever I see Matt et al. How on Earth am I supposed to expect him to forgive me when I can't forgive me? I'm just still having a really hard time with all of this, I guess.

Time to drown myself in work, I guess.
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