February 12th, 2003

XBox Me

Because my plate wasn't full enough...

I'm in a new play! Whee! Now, before anyone tells me how I'm going to die from all of this (which isn't exactly untrue, but anyway), first of all, there's only one week of overlap between my thesis production and this one. And that week is not a week when I have any thesis shtuff due, so I'll be able to survive reasonably well. And this production will end up being a staged reading as well, which means scripts in hand, less rehearsal time, etc.

AND I get to play a KGB agent run amok. :)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled day.
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XBox Me

Hot damn!

One book down, at least three more to go. That one book has given me two pages worth of notes, and (yay!) includes interviews from the elusive playwright no one likes to write about!!! Booyah.

Hoo, boy. I just wrote booyah. And I've only just begun. Whee.
XBox Me

So productive, it's sick!

So I've been here about three hours or so. In that time, I've gone through two books completely, and taken about three pages' worth of notes. As I am the type of writer who likes to rely on a few sources heavily, rather than using numerous sources just so I can say I used them, I'm about ready to start writing the last bit of this chapter.

But first...BRAIN BREAK!! La lala lala lala...la lala lala lala...

OK, that was fun. I'm done now. No, wait...LALALALALA!

NOW I'm done.
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