March 23rd, 2003

XBox Me

Ah, Procrastination...

You were a Roman soldier in your past life! You
liked the structured and uncomplicated
lifestyle, and you liked even better the
opportunity to kill people who weren't as good
as you and tell stories about it later. You
would have liked to have died honorably in
battle, but instead your legion ran away from
the fight, and you were the unlucky tenth man
when the whole lot of you were caught and
punished by decimation.

What were you in your last past life?
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XBox Me

Fraud, fraud, fraud

Goddammit. I was reading over the other translation I found while writing this chapter, and, long story short, I realized I'd mistranslated the first fucking line of my play. I'm terrified that that's not the only major mistake I made. My confidence in this translation is shot, and we perform in front of an audience starting WEDNESDAY. Right, and I'm going to be a literary translator? Fuck.