March 29th, 2003


A little while later...

Yes, I'm doing better. Much talking, crying, and taking my fershluggin' Zoloft helped muchly. Though it disturbs me that I may be this dependant (dependent? I can never remember) on outside chemicals for my emotional well-being. Mrph.

And now, to rest. For there is much thesising to be done on the morrow.
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So my cousins aren't going to make it to my show tonight. They're the only family besides my mother that I have in this time zone, much less the state, and they can't come because the baby's being difficult somehow. I'm not really surprised, since they've flaked out on a lot of things involving Ma and me, but it irritates me that they talk as though they really, really want to spend time with us and whatnot. If they don't want us to hang around them or whatever, then they shouldn't act as though they do.

I miss my dad.
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Chapter three is drafted. All that I have left to do before next Friday is type up the rest of chapter two and chapter three, and draft and type my conclusion. Then fighting with formatting, but that can come later as well.

So damn buff...WOOO!

OK, dinner time.
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