April 9th, 2003


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So. The girl I like? Straight. Dammit.
The guy I like? Has a girlfriend. Dammit again.
First thesis meeting about the draft tomorrow. Terrified. Mrph, I say. Also putting up one of the admitted students tomorrow night for RAD (basically, the days Reed makes itself look all good and pretty and stuff for the newly-admitted but not yet committed frosh for next year). If nothing else, tomorrow's Corporate Domination day, so there will be many suits and ties abounding. Mmm, men in suits...
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Day of silence

The first time I've ever participated in this event. Hell, the first time I'd ever heard of it, really. The silence will be broken in about 5 minutes for my thesis meeting. Whee. Things I've discovered:
I talk. A LOT.
My boss will take advantage of my inability to complain to assign me crappy jobs.
My throat gets more dry when I don't talk than when I do.
I have a fairly expressive face. :)

Now, here's hoping I can get my voice back enough to defend my draft to both advisors.
Oh, and it's Corporate Domination Day. Mmmm, suits...