April 22nd, 2003



So, I've asked the same guy as before if he wants to go to a play with me this Friday - no response as of yet.

Talking to Kevin earlier, I've received word/hints that there's another somebody who may like me. Which, of course, got me to thinking about him. He is pretty cute, and Kevin thinks that I would stand a chance for, at the very least, a hook-up. Which is about the only thing I'm in the mood for lately anyway. So, hrm...Kevin seems to think that I would have no problem seducing this guy, but I'm not so sure. So, what do y'all think? Could I pull off seductress? (And any of you who remember my sophomore year here, SILENCE! I'm talking about the here and now, thank you!)
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Good for me

So I saw Matt (of many, many previous entries) at the Circ desk today, with another girl nearby. He, of course, is claiming nothing is going on, as is his wont. But the beautiful thing is, I was able to handle that. Not only handle seeing him with someone else (who is showing all signs of having a crush on him), but even being able to joke with him about it. It's taken long enough, but I think I'm ok.

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