May 14th, 2003


Fair enough

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In other news...worked 2:30-9am this morning. Joy. I've been feeling rather poorly of late, reminiscent of high school days before I got my blood pressure wonkiness under control. Sort of a constant dizziness and light-headedness, things like that. I hate feeling this way, particularly because I have a hard time remembering when I didn't feel like this.

Graduation on Monday. Family should arrive Thursday (Christ, that's tomorrow already) or Friday. Mother of Bob.
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Random poetry

Far, far too amused.

Mortimer the pleasures of myself!
Yay! more
than the
Pope is getting
nominated for Renn Fayre
or Hard time amused: By
this. weekend. between the last tv
show up tomorrow.
Director smoking so trying
to figure out to attempt
sleep. Granted, I got my grand bucket of
as email me and 256 fluid oz.

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