June 29th, 2003


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So, I believe this is the last remaining thread of that meme of questions and answers and whatnot that was going around awhile back - thanks, ibfirnas.

1. Will you ever turn into your mother? Explain.
To a certain extent, I already have. I use Mom-isms at length, and she and I share similar views on a lot of things. However, there are several aspects of Mom's philosophy on life that I find...well, I find fault with them, I guess. So I suppose I want to turn into some version of Mom.

2. What is the appeal of all those games where you're forced to disclose things you'd never mention in conversation, at the mercy of others?
Heh...I just like being able to change people's perspective of me. Some of those games have resulted in friends being shocked about something that is, to me, inherently part of my personality. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, (*cough*actor*cough*) so it appeals to me.

3. Is there an ancient civilization you'd prefer to live in? Which, and why?
Ancient Egypt. There can't be much wrong with a civilization that worshipped cats, you know? :)

4. You tend to describe your younger self as abominably cute. Does this still apply? Why or why not? What's different? Is that a good thing?
I don't think of myself as abominably cute anymore, really. I guess I'm a bit too cynical anymore to really fall into that category.

5. Is dependance on others a sort of power over them? Do you ever exert this power?
I don't know if I consider that a real power over them. I think that the person upon whom one depends has more power. Personally, I feel as though I have no power when I depend upon someone else; then again, that may just be my issues.

Woo-ha. If anybody else wants questions, just ask. And to everybody who got questions from me before, did I just miss the answers? It's entirely possible, I realize...anywho. Guess who decided to call today? The most recent ex. I'm getting the feeling that he wants to be "friends" now. I'm not dealing with this right now.

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