September 23rd, 2003


Ack, I'm sayin.

Ooh, it's going to be one of those weeks. I've been here at the school since about 10, doing essentially nothing but paperwork. Now I'm going to eat lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon on the phone trying to get ahold of volunteers.

But on the upside, I'll be having boxes of kids books arriving this week, and I get PAID to read them. PAID! Life ain't all that bad. The books almost make up for the logic puzzle that is scheduling. If teacher A wants this block and teacher B wants that block, how can I make the two blocks fit together so that volunteer 1 can spend an hour at the school reading for both classes? (If it doesn't make sense, don't worry. I don't understand most of it, either.)

Of course, having Ma do her disapproval routine this morning when I didn't get up when I said I would didn't help get the day going well. Sitting on the bus, feeling like not only am I a bad daughter, but also a horrible employee since I'm not done with all of this yet, doesn't really do much to start the day off right. Oy. I'm better now, mostly - there's something therapuetic about paperwork. I don't know if it's the mind-numbing aspect, or the fact that after you've shuffled papers around you can see that you've accomplished something. Maybe both, who knows?

Anywho, lunch. Then phone. Then home. Then Russian class. Then home and thud. The days are just full. :)
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XBox Me

Ah, geekdom

So I went to my first intro Russian class at PCC. being back in high school with older folks who aren't quite as stupid as I remember my classmates in high school being. But what really amused me was my own geekdom as we were learning the alphabet. Of course, we started learning cursive, which is pretty but a little hard to read at first. It was easier for me to consider some of the letters by how similar they are to Greek. But really! The capital T in cyrilic looks like a big pi sign with an extra line in the middle. And the lower-case m in cyrilic looks like a lower-case mu.

To quote aetius, my Geek Fu is Mighty!
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