November 5th, 2003

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State of Steph report

I think I can honestly say that I like my job again. Yesterday I was in a conundrum - should I really despise this woman who's giving up an hour of her time each week to read with children? She does it well, she seems to like the kids, but if she patronizes me one more time...Thus, the dislike. But that's ok. She wasn't here today, and the other volunteer who'd sort of rubbed me the wrong way (it may have been the winking) didn't so much today. Overall, things are in a pretty good pattern, and I feel strong enough to deal with things like the new third grade teacher completely blowing me off, like she did earlier today.

In other news...saw Cute Boy from Russian yesterday, it being a Russian class day. He didn't bring it up, so I finally did, to which he responded "Yeah, I totally forgot about that, I'm sorry." And then he pretty much didn't talk to me for the rest of class. Not out-and-out avoidance, just not chatting like he usually does. I went through my thorough self-flagellation with a wet noodle yesterday, and I'm over it now. :) Sure, he may not be interested in me, but you know what? There are about 50 kids in this school so far that absolutely adore me. They get big grins on their faces when I walk into their classrooms. It takes so little to be adored sometimes...:)

AND I still have money left. This after paying the rest of my tuition, paying Erin for the bus pass, shopping at Powells last weekend (mmm, Powells-y goodness!), and stashing some in savings. I rock, if I do say so myself. And I do.

So, how are y'all?
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