January 15th, 2004


God bless America

It's that time of year again. That time when small girls in uniform become angelic-looking travelling salespeople. When you can hardly find the door to a grocery store for all the tables with cherubic children and their harried-looking parent. When order forms start going up in staff break rooms, as mothers try desperately to help their children reach their goals.

Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us.

Now, having never been a Girl Scout myself (I was in AWANAs, which is essentially the Southern Baptist version of the Boy and Girl Scouts), I don't generally follow the doings of our girls in green and brown. But I am also weak. I have seasonal addictions - addictions to those things that only come out a few times a year. Cadbury's Mini Eggs, for example - not the cream eggs (though those are lovely, too), but the sugar-coated solid chocolate robin's eggs. They only come out around Easter - I indulge, I get addicted, and then the object of my addiction gets cruelly snatched away as they are no longer "seasonal." Thin Mints are the same thing for me. I don't think about them when they're not around - I muddle through somehow - and then I see the order forms, or the small children by the supermarkets, and all I can think of are those small brown disks of joy.

An order form went up in the staff room today. *happy dance* In a short while, I will possess happiness, as it shows itself in cookie form. Sadly, my funds are limited, so the amount of nirvana available to me will be small. So if any of you wants to buy some portion of my love, a box or three of Thin Mints sent this way will go a looooooooong way toward achieving that goal. :) Just, y'know, FYI.

And now, to pretend to be productive once more. Or somesuch. ONE DAY MORE! :)
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