March 17th, 2004


Name meme

If you call me Stephanie, we probably just recently met, or you're one of my volunteers.

If you call me Steph, we're probably reasonably good friends, or you're too dang lazy to say my full name.

If you call me Stephie, we're very close friends, or we're related.

If you call me Stephanie Marie, I'm in trouble.

If you call me Kid or Kiddo, you're my brother or one of my uncles. *grumblehatebeingtheyoungestgrumble*

If you call me Huerrca, you're my mother and I just done something amusingly aggravating.

If you call me Peanut, you're the guy who had a huge honkin' crush on me in the sixth grade. If you're anybody else, you will get hurt. Fair warning.

If you call me Beautiful, you're gamethyme, and I'll blush. :)

If you mispronounce my last name (specifically, if you make it plural), you're either a substitute teacher or a telemarketer. There's only one of me, folks, I promise.

If you call me Dimples, you die.

One of those days...

when God seems to look down and say, "Y'know, I don't so much like you."

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Between that, the almost-passing-out at work, and the general feeling full of blah, I am having a hard time remembering why I don't hate life. Then I called Eric, and I remembered a bit. *sigh* Well, maybe God likes me a little.
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