March 23rd, 2004


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In case any of y'all were concerned, I'm still alive and well. It's Spring Break! Woo! I'm in Everett for the week, spending a lot of time sleeping and playing on Eric's X-Box and using his DSL...that's why I'm dating him, after all. ;)

Starting tomorrow, I'll be putting in resumés and filling out applications for work. In an ideal world, I'll have a job lined up for when I get back from Colorado (Ma and I were recently informed that we're visiting the family in Colorado this summer - the first weekend in June, specifically), so that means trying to fill out applications now. I hate job hunting. But, meh, what's a girl to do? So wish me luck, and all that jazz.

Last night quizro and ryhopewood came up for dinner. The food (which I made) was only eh, but the conversation was quite good. At some point, our two conversations (Eric and Wade, and Angela and me) managed to converge on the word 'crap.' Much amusement was had by all. We sent them back with a HUGE stack o'books to borrow - I really adore the fact that there are folks with whom we can trade books and movies and such. By the by, quizro, did you get LXG back?

And now, time for some hot block on block action! Woo! :)
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