January 30th, 2005


Phenomena (do doo de-do do)

So, week one of the medical leave is over. I went to my doctor, got her to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and she referred me to a neurologist. So now I'm going to a brain doctor (will on Feb. 11th). Whee! She also adjusted my preventative meds (again), and they are helping a bit.

Yesterday, Eric and I played in a tournament at our local game store. There were tons of people there that were new to the game (Pirates of the Spanish Main, a game involving pirate ships that you put together and send after each other for treasure), so many faces I didn't recognize. And, as per usual, I was the only girl playing. Now, by and large the rest of the folks at the game store are used to me, and no longer see me as Eric's hanger-on or some dumb girl or anything like that. The new folks, on the other hand, were quite confused by me. I mean, a girl? In a game store? Surely you jest. The fact that I actually played well, to boot (I was in first place going into the last round - go me!)...well. I mean really. It was like the entire fragile gamer world was coming down around their shoulders. They tried to compensate by referring to me as "the girl" (and at least once "the chick"), and showing immense amounts of shame when admitting that "the girl kicked my ass." I also managed to gain a reputation - at least one of the new folks (a rather sweet 14-ish year old boy) was absolutely terrified of me when we played the last round (which I lost, miserably). All in all, a most amusing day.

And then I find out that not only is Steve Vai (guitar-player extraordinaire) is coming to Seattle in April (I've already got tickets), but also coming to Seattle the week before Steve is Joe Satriani, another guitar player extraordinaire. Squee!

So, how are you?
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