March 19th, 2005

XBox Me


So, I realized that, after that last entry, y'all would probably want details.

I'm working for a law firm, or rather, for the part of a law firm that deals with bankruptcies. I'm in their mailroom, basically opening and sorting mail. Not exciting work, but I don't have to deal with customers, or get hollered at in three different languages over the phones, and I can listen to music whle I work. My first day was yesterday, and it went pretty well. There's a lot to get down now, sorting out the different forms and whatnot, but I'm getting the hang of it pretty quickly.

So, Eric and I both have a couple of things that we want to get when we get jobs. I got my job, so I got the thing on my list - an iPod. Of course, a gift card from my mother took care of a sizeable chunk of it, but yes, I have a new 20GB iPod. Yeah, not huge and it's not a photo one or anything like that, but I don't need that - I just need my music. So now, after downloading all the music from Eric's computer onto it, I still have about 16GB to fill. Currently, I'm sitting on my laptop, with Eric's laptop next to me, ripping CDs to mp3 so I can then put them on the iPod. (My laptop's too old to run the software, sadly.) Yeah, it was a bit of money to spend, but y'know, I've been wanting one of these for ages. (Sorry - I've been justifying this to myself since I bought the thing, because 'thou shalt not spend money on thyself' was one of the biggest Wood family commandments that I can remember.)

So, yeah. Yay new job, and yay new toy! 'Tis a beautiful thing all around. :)
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