April 8th, 2005


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My soul died a little bit with this one...

Y'know, there's nothing quite so nice as having people walk into the room where you've just heated up your lunch, and have them say "Wow, something smells good, what is it?" Particularly when it's something that you made yourself. Go me!

Work's...going. There's really only one problem - my ridiculously intense shyness. I start shaking if I have to talk to people in a social or business situation that I don't know very well. I forget to breathe. It's just all around not good. And, with a new job, look what I get to deal with! Yay!

Slowly, though, things are getting a bit better. It helps (TONS) that I can listen to the StephiePod while I'm hear. I forget sometimes how much I NEED music. It helps me relax and think, and so many of my memories are tied up with some kind of music. It does mean I have flashbacks every once in awhile, but nothing too bad. :) Music also helps with the walk to the bus stop, and the bus ride home - for, you see, I don't merely listen to music, I *experience* it. My walk changes, depending on what's playing. I groove, my friends. In public, even! Though it does keep the crazies away, I've noticed.

Anywho...La! Yeah. Not much to write.
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