May 4th, 2005


(no subject)

So, today I've had the joy of dealing with what usually gets filed under "miscellaneous crap". As in, papers that have nothing to do with the normal, average, very calm and neat and pretty-like piles we deal with normally. Argh, I say.

But soon I'll go home and my Eric will, wait, he won't have done anything at home, since he's not there today. Ya know why? 'Cause he's WORKING!!! He got a temp gig as a receptionist about 4 blocks away from my office. It's only for a couple of weeks, and by then, with any luck, the permanent job that's been dangling in front of him for weeks will FINALLY come through. But yay, work! *happydance*

Drat, time to get back to work. Ya mule! *whipcrack*