May 17th, 2005


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So. This weekend, overall, was fan-bloody-tastic. Eric and I managed to hit every Powells I could remember how to find, which was a beautiful thing. The wedding was also quite awesome - Dustin's pretty much the first of my group of college friends to get married (at least, that I'm aware of...Tim might be married by now, but they were pushing it off for awhile, iirc, and Amber *might* be married by now, not sure), and it's kind of odd to think of us getting to that point. But it did give us decent ideas for our own wedding (bwahahaha), and the invitation made me giggle. Dustin addressed it to "Stephanie and Eric [my last name]". So, apparently, I'm not going to be changing my name, Eric will be changing his. I LIKE it. :)

There was one rather sad moment for me, though. I was talking to my mom while there, and she told me that her car died again, and was going to have to go back into the shop. Now, anyone who's ever been driven anywhere by my mom (or by me my sophomore year at college) knows Daisy, the world's most patriotic Ford Escort. I swear, it's almost difficult to tell what the original color is, for all the bumper stickers and magnets. You know those yellow ribbon and flag magnets that have been really popular the last year or two? She's got about two of each on there. Along with a pink ribbon magnet (she's a breast cancer survivor of almost 4 years now, woo!), and about 16 flag stickers (that was at last count, and it's been a bit since I last counted them). Oh, and the big honkin' Reed window cling that came in my copy of the Iliad that the admissions office sent me when I was accepted to Reed, an Air Force window cling (my dad was career Air Force), and a Maryland EMT sticker (from when we lived in MD and my brother was working for the fire station - it was so he could help in an official capacity and carry his gear in the car, should he ever need to use it). Daisy's an institution. She's also the last car my dad helped us pick out. I really hope they can keep her going, but she's been around for about 10 years or so - it might be time.

Dangit, break time's over, and I'm tearing up. Le sigh.