May 31st, 2005



Friday: Y'know, for the life of me I don't remember too much about Friday. I think Eric and I went to dinner...beyond that, things get blurry. Last week was a long fraggin' week.

Saturday: I woke up long enough to take Eric to work, then came back home and went back to bed. :) After he got off of work, we went to susiebirds' place for much gaming goodness with her, redsouffle, and (eventually) mustela, along with a couple of new folks. Looks like that'll be a regular thing, as it went really well. Eric found a kindred gaming spirit in Jon (one of the aforementioned "new folks") - it was rather cute.

Sunday: Up and out rather early to see Stultz and Deleva in Tacoma. Mostly just chilling out, eating homemade lasagna (man, but Stultz can cook!), and eating some ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery that I may very well marry. Mmmm....Oh, right, sorry, I'm back. :)

Monday: Gaming with warpdragon, Chris, and Dawn - mostly A Game of Thrones, as it'd been awhile since we'd played that and that game takes awhile, but also Ticket to Ride Europe and Bohnanza. Again, much fun. After that, Eric dropped me off at home and headed to silverbrood and blackunycorn's for their Dragonlance game. I went 'round the house and gathered up the books that I've been meaning to read and haven't gotten around to - I'll post the (reasonably formidable) list when I get home, provided my computer stops being a dork.

And speaking of blackunycorn....wanna have a Stitch-n-Bitch? We can pawn Eric and Gahan off on Jim for a few hours and pull out our cross stitch and be all girly and stuff. Maybe quert and Natalina would be wanting to join us? Whaddya say?

Now, back to work. Is it Friday yet?


How could I forget? We also found out yesterday that Eric's gonna be an uncle! His brother Jared and his wife are expecting a little one next January or February (they *just* found out, so dates are still a little hazy). Of all the brothers Franklin, Jared and his wife are probably the couple that'll make the best parents.

Now I need to find a good baby cross stitch. Unless Eric's dad and/or mom are planning on that...*scheme*

Book list!

So, I mentioned a post back that I had a bunch of books that were in my "I need to read these" pile. I finally compiled that pile (I like the word pile...pilepilepile...yep, it's lost all meaning now) and, for my own use and your entertainment, I present the list to you.

Collapse )

The major criteria for this list were books that are a) in the apartment (as in, we already own it) and b) have not been read/completed though they've been around for many a moon.

So, yeah. No new books until at least two off the list are finished - one new book for each two that are completed. Heaven only knows how much money I may end up saving. :) The only exception is the next Harry Potter, and that's because I've been waiting for that since...well, since I finished reading the last one.