June 28th, 2005


*le sigh*

Eric's plane landed safely in Ohio, so all those worried can breathe a sigh of relief with me now. As for me, well...I'm remembering that I'm not a huge fan of being alone. Well, that's not exactly true. I enjoy solitude, and sometimes crave it. But loneliness is an entirely different thing, and that's what I got hit with last night after I took him to the airport. The fact that both cats kept looking for him didn't help. Both of them kept looking at/headbutting me, then looking at the door, like "You're great, and I love you, but where's the other one???" I didn't sleep very well last night. Add to all that the fact that one of the little sidestones on my ring fell out sometime yesterday (which is covered by the warranty we got, so it won't cost anything to fix, but I will have to drop it off to do so), and, well, bleh.

Need to send in the check to pay for the permanent account I ordered...I'm tired of getting the "Your account is about to expire!" notices from LJ.
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Yup. Still not hugely thrilled with this "being alone" thing.

Tried to clean today. Panic. Goddamn anxiety disorder. Called/cried at Eric, called/cried at Mom, who told me to stop cleaning RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT I MEAN IT STEPHIE!, and that if she survived my brother's place, then she could survive anything. Eh...we'll see.

I want my ring back! I dropped it off after work today, and they put a note to get it back by Thursday (three different people, three different answers about whether they can get it back by Thursday or not...). Least helpful person on the planet. She had to verify the spelling of my last name - it's Wood. Y'know, the stuff trees are made of? Yeah, she needed me to spell it for her. And Stephanie, well that threw her for a complete loop. I had to spell that *slowly* for her. Grr, stupid people.

Sleep now. Kitties are still confused, but very snuggly.

5 more days...(Sad, isn't it? That I'm at the point of counting the days already?)