July 26th, 2005


That was fun...

Nothing better than coming back into the office just in time to hear a coworker bitch about the way you work. It's the coworker that can't sing, who works in a different area for the most part but still comes back to do mail on Mondays and Tuesdays (when we're slammed). The woman drives me nuts in general, by making it very clear that she neither likes nor respects me. I thought earlier today that maybe I was just projecting, that she didn't not like me but just doesn't deal with people well (which is true, too - even our manager says as much), but no. This pretty much confirms that yeah, I somehow managed to piss her off and get on her crap list.

Well, so be it. We don't need her anymore today, so I don't have to deal with her anymore this week. Which means, hopefully, that the threat of a panic attack that was going on all day yesterday and this morning will be gone, too. Not liking me I can deal with - being me, you kinda have to get used to it. But not being respected, or being treated like an idiot - that, I'm not so good with. I know I let her affect me too much - but dealing with her, I start seeing myself the way I feel like she sees me: fat, ugly, inept, and too damned young.

All right. Shake it off. Time to get back to work, and get with the damned program.