October 19th, 2005


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So yesterday, whilst on the bus home, I reached into my bag to discover that I'd left my keys at home. Car and house. When Eric was working unil 6 (which was about the time I was due to get to the park and ride). *headdesk* I had to bus to the mall and wait for Eric to pick me up. It was after 8 by the time we got home.

Today? Ri-damn-diculously bad traffic made me realize that I'd be late (Eric was driving me in), so I reached into my bag to discover that I'd left my cell phone at home. So I couldn't call my supervisor to let her know I'd be late, and thus felt like a total idiot yet again. It was not a good ride in. I was panicking (bad traffic + my own idiocy = very panicked me), Eric was trying to calm me down and drive at the same time...yeah. 'Course, I get here, let my manager know that I'm here, sorry I was late, and her response? "Oh, you're late? Eh, don't worry about it." So a very powerful panic attack for nothing. *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

On the plus side, Eric and I talked out a lot of the stuff needed for my NaNo, so I actually feel pretty good about it this year. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
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Ranty mcrant rant

So, I need to stop reading customers_suck, because it's really just starting to piss me off. One of the things that's irritating me the most is the asinine, self-righteous arrogance shown by these people towards customers who don't speak English fluently. I'm sorry, but this country was founded by immigrants, and continues to be fueled by - you guessed it - immigrants. People from other countries. PEOPLE WHO SPEAK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Christ, people! Do they not understand that there would be no U.S. of A. without people who don't speak English? At least, not the country that we know and, occasionally, love. Our culture comes from all over - take away one single group of immigrants, and you change the face of the country. And part of culture is language. Fer crying out loud, English wouldn't be the language it is were it not for immigrants coming into the country and changing it. Think about how different English would be without the influences of even one of those languages!

Some people take a longer time to acclimate to the new country. They take time to learn the language, because, let's face it, English is one of the more screwed-up languages to learn. It's not going to be perfect, and for some, it's not going to be fluent. Ever. There are going to be those who will always feel more comfortable speaking in their native tongue, and, because of the idiots who mock their attempts at English, won't even try to speak it in public. And then, when they can't bring themselves or aren't able to speak English yet, these same mocking idiots are the ones who complain about the "stupid immigrants" who won't speak English, or who "expect" everyone to speak their language when "everyone" speaks English here. I can understand getting frustrated because a person has yet to learn enough of the language to get by in common social circumstances. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THAT PERSON A BAD PERSON, NOR DOES IT MAKE HIM/HER STUPID. So stop bloody treating them as such!

*pant pant* Sorry. I know that there are many people who believe that as soon as a person moves to the States, it is his/her sacred duty to learn English. I don't happen to be one of them. Flame away, I don't care.