November 27th, 2005



I recently found, on DVD, "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Green Gables - the Sequel" (which I had known previously as "Anne of Avonlea", but, details!), which made me squee like there's no tomorrow. I grew up with the books - the entire series makes my list of favorite books of all time. I found the movies on VHS when I was about 11 or so, and almost wore the tapes out - which is part of the reason why the DVDs make me so happy.

But, unfortunately, with each successive movie, the director gets farther away from the story as seen in the books. The first movie is fairly true to the first book. The second movie mixes elements of the next three books together. From what I've seen of the previews of the third movie (which I didn't know existed, actually), it's departed almost completely from the books, but still has the same flavor as the books, so it's almost forgivable.

But now I see that there's an animated movie. With talking squirrels. And a villain of the Cruella DeVile style. And possibly a musical number.

Why? In the name of all that is literary, WHY???? *sob*
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