December 16th, 2005


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This just cracked me up a bit. I was looking on Wikipedia to find out what IAWTC means (it was driving me nuts - for the record, at least, according to the article there, it means "I agree with this comment"), and I started going down the list of internet slang they listed. The one that cracked me up?

I like pie
Used to express apathy or confusion towards the present subject matter; also used to denote one's appreciation of pie


*Ahem* Anyway...I'm going to be at Mom's this weekend to do our Christmas thingy there. I'll be missing BGN at Susie's, alas, but I'm trying to talk Eric into going without me. :) Today, my boss gave me the day off so I can run around like mad, finishing up the Christmas shopping before I head to the Greyhound station. Have I mentioned how cool my boss is? She took us out to dinner last night at Il Fornio (nice, classy Italian restaurant) and frickin' BOUGHT US DRINKS! I've never worked someplace that did such things.

Anywho, Happy December!