April 8th, 2006

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Today was sheer craziness. Mostly in the good "so much to do but it's all going well oh look pretty flowers" way, but a bit in the "what do you mean my sister-in-law and mother are both angry at me for something they chose to do?" way. Oh, and the "making a blind left turn and ohdeargod *crunch*" way, which really wasn't helpful for anybody. (Everybody's fine, though, thank heavens, and Sneaky (the car) didn't take any major damage.)

The negatives: (to get them out of the way)Collapse )

The positives: My bridesmaids get along smashingly. Seriously, amazingly well. They threw me a lovely bridal shower on Thursday, and it was beautiful all around. This was one of my big worries, seeing as all of them are friends from different stages of my life, and thus didn't know each other. I was so glad.
Rehearsal went well, rehearsal dinner was marvelous (BBQ....mmm, brisket), and everyone liked their gifts.
I managed to get my wedding flowers for under $70. Granted, it's just for bouquets and posies for the mothers, but still. I get to have daffydills in my wedding bouquet - it's one of those things that I always wanted to happen, but I never set my heart on it. Bread-and-butter daffodils, iris, and white iris. One of my bridesmaids is putting them together and they're going to be marvelous, I can tell.

And now, to sleep. Because I'm getting married in the morning. Ding, dong, the bells are gonna chiiiiiiiime...

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