April 24th, 2006

XBox Me

Some more randomness

But slightly longer, this time. Hee.

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Man, but it's freakin' warm in here today. Which is not helping the whole "wanna fall asleep can't fall asleep at work they frown on sleeping here" thing.

I've been kinda reluctant to mention this until now, because there was the possibility that it would fall through, but it looks like a production photo from my thesis production of Sergio Vodanovic's "The White Uniform" is going to be published in a textbook. So, like, my thesis is actually going on to help with the edumacating of people outside of Reed. It's SO FLIPPING COOL!!! It means that maybe, just maybe, something I did had a bit of worth (outside of just getting me graduated, which was a big honkin' deal for me, at least). *happy dance*

Crud! Breaktime's up.


Barbra Streisand + Porgy and Bess = death. I don't care if it's her birthday. Just...no.
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