May 17th, 2006

dancing GIR


People of the LJverse! We (meaning gamethyme, Ramses, Feina and I) are moving! The weekend of June 17th-18th will be the big push (ie, the ginormous stuff of DOOM and the cats). Anyone able/willing to help will be given our immense gratitude, and possibly pizza or the like.

And before y'all start freaking out, we're moving about 5 minutes away from where we are now, to this place. The ironic thing? These are the same apartments that Eric used to live in when he first moved to Everett. The manager remembered him, in fact, as soon as she saw him.

*bouncebouncebounce* It's got a big kitchen!! And closets!! And we'll be getting new carpets and new vinyl floors! And there are SO MANY CABINETS AND COUNTERS in the kitchen!! And a fireplace!!!

So, yeah. If any of y'all want to/can help us out, that would be great. First on the list - boxes.
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