June 21st, 2006

XBox Me


OMFG firehose of knowledge! Somedays, it's not so great, being the one with good attention to detail that the higher-ups feel they aren't "using to [her] full capacity."

Details later, maybe. Oy, I say.

Oy again

I'm truly not sure what's worse - the fact that I'm actually watching "America's Got Talent", or the fact that I'm enjoying David Hasselhoff as a judge for this competition. He and Brandy (yes, that Brandy) play off each other quite nicely, in fact.

If nothing else, at least I got to hear a fan-freakin'-tastic a capella group, the name of whom I can't seem to find. It almost makes up for the 65-year-old male stripper. Covered in body glitter. And fake-baked.

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