August 31st, 2006


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In the long run, today's frustrations don't mean a thing.

In the long run, the fact that the company's intraweb crashed, thus causing me to be unable to work at all for quite some time, is meaningless. I can make up the work.

In the long run, my computer's inability to keep me logged in, leading to a complete profile reset and the need to redo all of my little settings and changes, is nothing. My computer works now, and should continue to do so.

In the long run, my co-worker's ignorance and grating laugh will not bother me as much. Well...that one's a bit iffy.

In the long run, Eric's boss scheduling him to work on Monday when I'm having foot procedury (not quite surgery) on Friday, and will be unable to move around easily, is not a huge problem. The procedure shouldn't be bad, and I'm sure I'll be up and around faster than I currently think. We'll also still be able to spend time together on Saturday (Sunday is a DT tournament up north).

In the long run, none of these things is really that bad, or that important.

In the meantime, however?

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