January 26th, 2007



This week? Much with the sucktacular.

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There's a lot going on there, but thinking about it too much will make me break down again, and I've already done that once today. On the upside, I managed it without drawing attention to myself, which is good. I told my boss (and his boss) what the situation was, so they wouldn't be surprised if I had to suddenly get to Colorado.

Between that and another round of torture at the dentist's yesterday, it's been a rough week. At the dentist's, I had my first treatment with nitrous. After a minute or two, I'd managed to convince myself I was dying and blacked out, after which the hygenist turned down the nitrous and I woke up and was ok. Still, not so much with the good, and mouth is sooooore today.

Back to work with me.
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