March 8th, 2007


I live!

But just barely. We survived the trip back from Colorado - the family ADORED Eric. He was able to get in there and tease my mom with the best of them, and that just about guarantees a warm welcome with my cousins. :)

Now, however, I seem to have caught the Colorado Death Cold. I can't actually tell if it's a bad cold or seriously bad hay fever - either is possible at this point. Either way, feel like massive pile of poo. I think my body was so focused on getting me through the funeral and everything around it that as soon as I got home, I relaxed and my defenses came down, curse it all.

On the upside, we came home with a rather large number of pictures, some of which will be posted here soon. We also have many and many a baby picture of yours truly - all the cousins were told to go through Grandma's photo album and take what we liked, so of course Eric went pillaging it for baby pictures of me. It's kinda disturbing how much my niece Emmy looks like I did at that age, actually.

Back to work with me. *hackcoughwheeze* There may be news on the work front soon-ish, but I'm going to keep quiet on that for now.