March 12th, 2007


Ah, family

So, my uncle (my dad's brother, aka the one we JUST saw a week and a half ago in Colorado) is in the hospital now. The Colorado Death Cold seems to have caused him to cough hard enough that he ripped a small tear in his esophagus, leading to internal bleeding. Joy! The man's about 400 pounds, and not in the greatest shape to begin with, so everything causes the family to worry, of course.

It looks like he's doing better, though. They've found the source of the bleeding and it looks like it's starting to heal up already. He's in ICU for now, but he'll probably be moving out of there today or tomorrow. He's got a breathing tube for the moment, though, which means he can't talk. I'm guessing he probably was really thankful for that when the twig of the family tree we want to snap off came by.

The husband of the twig decided my uncle wasn't getting the quality of care he deserved, and started harrassing the nurses. My cousin Bob finally had to take him by the hand and drag him out of the room to get him to shut up. Then, the wife of the twig (the one my father referred to as the space cadet) brought up some alfalfa drink that she thought my uncle should drink. She's vegetarian (this week, and only if she's the one cooking), and claims that you should "Look at the animals! See how healthy they are?" My cousin Bob had the best response for that I think I've ever heard:

"Look at lions! See how healthy THEY are?"


OK, enough distracting myself. Time to head interview-wards. Aaaaack.