March 17th, 2007


Work stuff

So, I decided to take the position that was offered to me, the one that's still in the Operations department. I have never seen anybody be so excited as C was when I told her I wanted to take her job offer. They REALLY want me to start quickly - as in, I start on Monday.

I told HR what I wanted to do, and they already knew about the job offer (apparently, manager S told them that I was considering it). HR also wanted to make sure I was aware that R was going to offer me the job that I'd applied for. This cemented my decision to tell R personally what the situation was - which was something manager S didn't think I needed to do. To me, it just didn't seem right to apply for a position, be offered another position that I'm better suited for, and not have the decency to tell the people I had applied to what was up. R was really cool about it, wished me luck and told me all was well and that he completely understood. Whew! No bridges burned, as far as I can tell. The office rumor mill does seem to be saying that R's department is pretty pissed at manager S, though, for "stealing" me away. It's an odd thought, but kinda cool all at the same.

Apparently, the whole thing has kinda turned the office upside-down. You know those puzzles that have a bunch of little squares, with one square missing, and you push the squares around to fill in the empty space? That's kind of what the office is like. If Stephie moves over here, then we move L over where Stephie was, and H where L was...All in two days. Oy.

In the meantime...WOO RAISE! They apparently don't quite have a position CREATED for me yet, so I'll be at one payrate for about three months, and then bumped up to where I should be in June. C was almost crying when she told me the situation - she thought that I would use that as an excuse to take the job I'd applied for instead. The one she offered me is a better fit, honestly, so I'm ok with it. Besides, two raises in a year? I can deal with that. :)

Now, off to movieness!
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