April 30th, 2007


Quick update

My uncle is out of the hospital. Apparently, they couldn't find any clots with any of the other tests they did, but the doctors did find that he was dangerously low on magnesium and potassium. They pumped him full of those yesterday, and released him last night. He may have to go to Denver in the next couple of weeks for his foot (he's got some diabetes-related issues with a wound on his foot, and his specialist is in Denver), but with any luck he won't have to go back into the hospital again for a long, long time.

*whew!* I'm with my aunt - I can't wait for things to be boring again!
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Know what I'm doing this Memorial Day weekend?

I'm working for Asmodee here. I'm going to be a demo chick at KublaCon! They're paying my way and all that jazz. Eeee!

The only down side is that they don't have room for both Eric and me to go, so I'll be going by myself (and it's only because I can get the time off that I'm going and not Eric). Sadness! But, on the upside, I'll be working with another chick - that'll help.