December 16th, 2007


Random State of Steph report

I'm not quite sure why I haven't been updating LJ as much lately. I've been fairly active on Twitter, but that's mostly because it's all of one or two lines to update. I feel like I have to have more to update here, and I just haven't, lately.

So, let's see. On the headache front, recent experiments in deprivation have shown me that caffeine appears to be a headache trigger. I haven't really had soda in awhile, so when I did have a sip or two, it tasted horrifically sweet, and within about half an hour or so, Headache of Doom. For some people, this would be a tragedy. Me? I don't drink coffee, haven't had soda in awhile and don't really miss it, and drink mostly green and white tea, which has less caffeine than black. Even so, one cup of green tea did seem to have enough caffeine to give me the beginnings of a headache, so I should probably back off of that unless I know I'm going to be in a stress-free environment. (Ahahahahahaha. Right.) So far, no caffeine + my usual meds = no headaches, so yay! Now to find non-caffeinated drinks that aren't horribly sweet - while I loves me some water, variety is a beautiful thing.

On the family front, Eric and I did the holiday thing with his family last night. The kids his parents are fostering had respite care for the weekend, so it was a much calmer holiday than Thanksgiving. The only little one there was Ethan, Eric's brother's son, who is almost two and abominably cute. Most kids know how to high-five - Ethan fist-bumps. He also has a love affair with fire trucks. Eric got some really nice pictures up on his Flickr account here. All gifts seemed to go over quite well, particularly the heated back massager pad for his brother Jared. Jared's had some back problems for the last year or so, and has a pretty nasty commute, so it made sense. They tried it out on the way home, and he called to tell us it was the best present ever. A winner is us! :) We go to Mom's for actual Christmas this year - Eric's dad made a few comments about how it was "throwing him off" that we were having Christmas early with them this year, but I just let it go. After the year Mom's had, with so much going on with the family in Colorado, I am NOT leaving her alone on Christmas.

On the work front, well, same old, same old. I had to call out on Friday when I tried to stand up and the room spun under me - a rather nasty cold that Eric's new co-workers had apparently made it to me. Having the extra day to rest helped tons, though, so I'm feeling much better. With Eric's new job, my schedule's changed to 7am-3:30pm, which is just...odd. Getting up at o-dark-thirty hasn't been fun, but leaving early sure is. We'll see how things go at my biannual review, which should be next month sometime - I don't anticipate a particularly good one, what with so many absences and all, but I find it hard to care.

And that's about it. Happy holidays to all, and all that jazz.