May 8th, 2008


Woo and ha.

Woke up this morning (after a total of maybe 3 hours' sleep) with a throat that burns at the mere thought of swallowing, much less the action. My sinuses appear unhealthily icky, as well. Looks like I'm off to the walk-in clinic after I drop Eric off at work. My boss is going to be SO thrilled. Thank heavens it's a slow time of month, but still.

Ow. Just...much with the ow.
XBox Me


Woo, I'm contagious! Possibly not strep - will know that for sure tomorrow (they decided to do the "more sensitive" overnight test), but probably a virus. I'm to stay home for the rest of the week (sorry, Katie, no Game Night), take anti-inflammatories, and gargle with salt water (BLEH!). So, yeah. Called my boss (so she could also hear my oh-so-sexy nearly-gone voice) and told her that I'd be out until Monday. I apologized, and she said "Well, if you're contagious, we don't WANT you here..." I do like my boss.

Going back to sleep now. Really hoping that the people checking out the fireplace either come really soon, or not until tomorrow.