February 27th, 2009

OD kitten

State of Steph report

So, I'm home feeling like crap, as you do. There's some kind of super-bug going around my office, which took my manager out earlier this week. i ended up leaving work early yesterday, when I realized I'd been staring at my computer screen for about 20 minutes without comprehending a thing I saw. My manager told me I looked pretty bad, and I should go home.

I'm still a temp for the moment, though I did talk to my manager earlier this week about the possibility of turning my position into a full-time "real" postion with the company. The position didn't even exist a little over a year ago, and has only been worked by temps. I can't get a definitive answer right now, as we are in the midst of the Screwiest Weeks Ever, but maybe once things settle down. My contract isn't up until the end of June at the earliest, so there's still time.

Incidentally, after Monster.com got hacked a few weeks ago, I went in and changed my password, and decided to clean up/update my resume while I was there. Since then, I've been contacted by four different employment agencies. One of them had a specific job opening in mind for me - contract to hire at AT&T, doing something very similar to what I'm doing at Amazon now, paying $metric_crapload more than I'm making now. I sent in my resume, and am waiting to hear if I get an interview. If I had my druthers, I'd stay here full-time, but the important thing at this point is to get a stable, permanent position.

In other news, there isn't much going on. The apartment is still looking pretty good - Feina's injury definitely shook us both up, and we're fighting hard to make sure things never get that bad again. I rearranged the living room last weekend, and it only confused the cats a little bit. NorWesCon approches, which means I'm going to be getting my geek on soon. We have our hotel room for GenCon booked, meaning yay! More geek! Other than that...yeah, not much going on.

Why is it that, when not feeling well, napping on the couch is more appealing than going back to bed? Admittedly, in our case the bedroom has an eastern exposure, meaning it's too damned bright in there right now. Anyway, to sleep with me. Here's hoping that'll be enough to kick this out of my system.