July 11th, 2012


Moving, etc.

The moving continues apace. We're actually making really good time - we have the old apartment until July 31st, but I imagine we'll be done getting our stuff out of there by next weekend, which will give us a week to get things to the dump and vacuum the ever-loving hell out of the carpet. (Not that it'll matter, because the property manager said they charge for a professional carpet cleaning regardless, and I can't imagine they aren't going to replace the carpet, but it would be a nice touch.) Eric's parents have been absolute rock stars (there's a sentence I don't think I ever imagined writing), coming up to the old place every night this week to help us load furniture in their truck and box miscellaneous crap for travel in our car. Stultz, also, remains made of awesome - he took me to the local farmers market on Saturday, which was fantastic and DANGEROUS. I can see myself spending waaaay too much money there very easily.

The new house is feeling like home. We have some of the bookcases over, and wanderingfey is willing to build some (absolutely GORGEOUS) bookcases for us as well. Eric has been fantastic - he's been going out of his way to make sure things that are important to me are moved over early, to try to make the place feel more like home for me earlier. One of the things that got brought over was Dad's funny money, which still gives us a bit of a smile. It's funny to me to realize what it takes for us to consider the house Home - for Eric, it was the ability to do laundry for the first time. For me, it's being able to look around and see that the house is looking distinctly like it's ours - games in the game room, cats sprawled about, a book or a Kindle somewhere easily accessible.

The Unpacking (dun dun DUN!) is still a work in progress, of course, but at least I'm not digging through boxes to find everything - though I'm still not sure where our silverware ended up. Overall, though, most things are In the House Somewhere, as opposed to In the Apartment, I Think? It's an important step.

Meanwhile, work is in its usual summer slump - it's hard to have a ton of people asking you for stuff when everyone's on vacation. Mind, that doesn't stop EVERYONE, but it at least makes some of them pause for a bit. It means I get to spend some time working on those long-term, not super high priority but it needs to get done sometime projects. It's always a little difficult to get motivated for that sort of thing, but it's nice to keep them from hanging over your head. And who knows? Maybe I'll get the chance to get back into writing (or editing, in one case - I'm going back to my 2011 NaNo and seeing if there's something salvageable there). Provided the world hasn't ended, I hope that next year will be the Year Stephie Publishes Something. So, y'know, here's hoping that whole "world ends in 2012" thing is wrong. :)