August 24th, 2012

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Reason #8,763 why I love my husband

Posting this here so I don't lose it.

It's been a super-stressball of a week. We got back from GenCon on Monday night, and I took Tuesday off to recuperate/actually get a bit of rest for once. So, naturally, Wednesday, Thursday and today have all be slammed, mostly with back to back (to back to back) meetings. My mother is coming into town, which is its own brand of stress (in that "Yay, Mom gets to see the new house and I get to see Mom! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!" kind of way). And yesterday we noticed that the car was sounding like a small jet engine when we were driving.

Through one thing and five others, our plans for this evening got all shades of wonky, which lead to more stress on top of everything else. I did my best not to snap at anyone, especially Eric, because it's one of those things where it's not anyone's fault - it's just a bunch of stuff piled up on each other and my crap tolerance is not very high right now. I started to get panicky, which is always awesome, and ended up having to take an anxiety med to keep myself functional through the rest of the day.

Eric, being Eric, was able to tell how on edge I was, and sent me this email:

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What I love is that it's not enough for him to protect me - he also wants to make sure I can protect myself at the same time. One of the many reasons why our relationship works is because we can trust each other to be able to handle ourselves, with or without help (though help is nearly always appreciated).

In conclusion, my husband > your husband.