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I'm getting married in a few months. I'm living a wonderful life, and I'm very happy.

I'm unwilling to reopen old wounds to help you ease your conscience. I don't know if you've just watched High Fidelity too much recently, but going back to those you've hurt and trying to 'make amends' will not work with me. I've moved on, I've healed, and dwelling on the past - particularly this episode of the past - will only hurt the life I've worked to make for myself and my fiance.

I will not respond to your emails again. Have a good life, Matthew.

Spam filter has been set. I know a lot of you said that I should ignore it, but I felt that I had to tell him why I wasn't going to do this for him. Silly, I know, but hey. I managed to keep from getting emotional in my response, and that's what I was aiming for.

Let's see if I can keep this door shut this time, shall we?
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