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New position in the same company. Firehose of knowledge. Instead of doing the same thing everyday, I'm doing 6 of the same things everyday. And they just added one to my plate that will take me approximately the rest of my life to keep on top of. I've been told to ignore everything else, and see if I can time myself on how long some things take, to see if it's "humanly possible" (direct quote from my supervisor) to do this. The kicker? This task is from the head of the department - my supervisor's boss. Meep.

Tired, hot, and my neck hurts. More tired than anything, though. Game Night should be fun. I'm bringing my cross-stitch, so as to duck out of a couple of games and sew, and thus stand a chance of finishing the baby sampler for Eric's nephew (who is due to land sometime next month). Whee! My Erin comes to visit next weekend! Double-whee! I'm going to Portland to visit with Mom and the aforementioned Erin the weekend after that! Triple-whee!

...ok, all that whee-ing makes the Stephie tired. Sleep now! Oh, wait...still at work...they'd frown on that, wouldn't they? Hrmph.
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