Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Somewhere in the small town of Pueblo, Colorado, there is a graveyard. In that graveyard, there is a section dedicated to those who served in our nation's armed forces. In this section, a small, flat gravestone marks the final resting place of one SMSgt. G.W. Wood.

Tonight, that gravestone is raised a bit from the ground, from the force of that man's body spinning in its grave. Why, you may ask?

Because that man's daughter is marrying a man who, in addition to disliking Bruce Springsteen and Creedence Clearwater Revival...


*flails wildly* How did I let this happen?!? How is it that I'm marrying such a musical philistine? I may have to rethink this whole thing!


Aw, hell. That's why God gave us headphones, I guess. But still! *flail*
Tags: eric, music
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