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Pop quiz

Imagine, if you will, that you are driving down a fairly busy road that has many cross-streets and, thus, many stop lights. There's a windstorm, which has caused a few of these stop lights to stop working. You are approaching one of these lights now. Do you:

a) Vaguely remember something about this in driver's ed, and treat the dead light as an all-way stop sign, yielding to the right, and all that jazz?

b) Sorta ootch your way into the intersection, hoping no one is trying to come from another direction, and thus end up in the middle of the intersection with two other cars coming from other directions all heading to occupy the same place in space and, unfotunately, time?

c) Ignore the fact that the light is dead, and that there is a bus stopped in the next lane (going the same direction as you), thus blocking any pedestrians or cars from your view, and barrel through the intersection anyway?

If you answered a), good job! You are one of the many who managed to survive the trip unharmed, with your car intact.

If you answered b), you are one of the few who tried to create a large Smurf-up in the middle of one of the bigger intersections down 99 this morning. Fortunately, everyone stopped and waited until someone stole right of way, and then went on their merry way.

If you answered c), you are the BASTARD who almost hit me as I tried to cross the street to get to the car. Had not the bus honked at me, I would have walked right in front of this car - the bus blocked my view of the car, as well as the car's view of me. The honking startled me enough to keep me from walking, which was when the car zoomed by. He got honked at by a car (stopped) at the same intersection, on the same road, going the other way - a car that had stopped, and was waiting for me to cross. The bus driver was kind enough to signal me when she saw the way was clear for me.

Ugh. People are seriously stupid. I'm going to snuggle with the kitties and sleep for a bit.
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