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Setaú úta

Well, so much for that. The show's done - over - terminado. I can't believe that after so many hours and so much brain pain, that's all there is left - a video eventually, a few pictures, and the post-mortem notes tomorrow afternoon.

So, how did it go? I hear you ask. Well. Overall, very well. The audience laughed wher they were supposed to (and in a few places that surprised us), were moved where they were supposed to be, and overall really seemed to enjoy it. It went so much quicker in the performance than ever a run-through - though it still ended up being nearly four hours.

Coming out, I fully expected to har the usual types of comments from people seeing you in a show and knowing vaguely who you are: "Oh, great job, Steph!" "The play was great, I really enjoyed it" and varying degrees of the same types of compliments - rather generic, and overall good. What I got were specific compliments: "You really leaned on the text, it was great!" "I understood everything you said - that's so hard with Shakespeare" "You really handled that scene well". I was amazed. Not to mention being told by about three or four vrious people that I looked pretty onstage (including one random guy who works in the theatre who told me I have lovely eyes as I was going around the lobby to get to the other side of the stage). That doesn't happen on a regular basis, or even an almost-regular one. The mind boggles.

Tim came, which was another mind-boggling idea. It made me feel better before the show, when such things matter - someone in the audience was there specifically to see *me*.

I really want to write more, but the pen is almost falling from my hand. I'm thouroughly exhausted. Now is the time for sleep.

Tomorrow's my last day in London. My Lord.
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