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I very rarely get politcal in my journal. I'm about to, so I'm going to hide it
I just finished reading this list of programs that our fearless leader wants to cut or kill completely. Now, before I start anything, I want to say right upfront that I know full well that I am not as well-read on, well, most anything political, as I should/could be. I went to Reed, admittedly, and I joined in the groans of agony when Bush won in 2000, but I didn't honestly think that it would be as horrific as my (extremely left-wing) friends said. And, hell, my roommate my freshman year was a Republican, so it's not like the only things I heard were about the evils of the right. Just, y'know, mostly.

At any rate, I preface this by saying that - I know I don't know as much as I could, and that my impressions are based on what could be faulty or missing information. Having said that, I still have to say that I started crying as I read the list of programs Bush wants to cut or kill. The list hits a lot closer to home than I thought it would. Some of those programs - like the Perkins Loan - affected me directly - without that loan, I wouldn't have been able to go to college at all. And something tells me that if Perkins gets cut, Stafford's next. And some of those programs - like the rural and migrant worker training programs - helped my family.

Put it this way. Eric claims that my family is basically the epitome of the American Dream. In a way, he's not wrong - my mother's parents moved to the States from Mexico when they got married, and they, along with my mother and her siblings, were migrant workers for a time. They worked in the fields, picking the crops or planting them, as the season dictated. But my grandparents were able to get my mom and my aunts and uncles through school, and they worked to make sure that their children wouldn't have to work in the fields forever. Eventually, my mom married my dad, who was stationed at a military base that has now either closed or been severely cut down, I can't remember, and she got out of there. Now, my older brother is a fireman, and I have a college degree.

None of that would have happened without government assistance - migrant training programs, rural community health facilities, scholarships, etc. All things that helped bring my family, and all things that could be cut by our president, along with so many other programs that have been necessary for so many people. Education is getting hit hard with this list, and it hurts to think of those programs not being a part of kids' lives.

My only hope is that Congress will be able to save most of these programs, like they did the last time he tried this.

Feel free to ignore me - like I said, I know full well that I probably don't know what I'm talking about.
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