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I just found out that my godparents won't be able to come to the wedding. To put this in perspective, a bit of family history: My mother is one of 13 children (11 still alive - two died in childhood). Of all my aunts and uncles, I only feel close to two - my aunt H.O. (short for Hortensia), and my uncle Mo and his wife Lois (though less close to Lois, to be perfectly honest). Mo and Lois are my godparents, as well as my aunt and uncle, and when I was little they took that very seriously.

Now, I know most little girls plan their weddings out a bit. For my part, the only thing I wanted was to walk down the aisle by riding a Saint Bernard. But I digress. There are certain events where you have the mental list of people you expect to be there. That it would just seem wrong to have this event without them. My godparents, my aunt H.O., my father and mother and brother, my grandmother (on dad's side) - all on the list.

Now? Only two people, my mother and brother, on that list will actually be able to make it. H.O. works for an elementary school, and her spring break's a month too early. Grandma Wood doesn't travel so well anymore, and there's not really anyone willing or able to take her. And Dad, well...he's been gone for going on 8 years now.

It's hard to believe that my wedding will be mostly peopled with folks I know slightly from work, and people I met through Eric. Yes, there will be a few of 'my' friends there, but not many, and very little family. It'll definitely be different from what I imagined when I was a kid.

Especially since they won't let the Saint Bernard in the building.
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