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State of Steph

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I've posted an actual update.

Let's see...weddingness is going well. We'll be able to pay every last little thing (i.e. the last of the caterer and the photographer's bills, and the rest of Eric's wedding attire (he's getting new shoes! Woo!)) in the next week or so. Oh, and we decided on our wedding favors, and will be ordering them on Monday. Totally geek-tastic, and totally us. :)

Work-wise, things are still eh. I envy Eric his enthusiasm for his job - he really, honestly loves his job. The people he works with, what he's dealing with, the whole thing. I, on the other hand, am lukewarm at best toward my job. Admittedly, the people I work with are awesome - Maria (a coworker who's getting married a week from today) threw me a bridal shower at work, and I got a fair amount of stuff and had a fair number of people show up. It was great - my former supervisor (the one I worked under when I was in the mailroom) said that I had both my posses there. I didn't realize I had one posse, much less two. It was a good feeling.

Last night, Eric and I went out to celebrate randomness, and we saw V for Vendetta. I'm putting my thoughts under the cut - I don't imagine there will be much by way of spoilers, but just to be on the safe side...
I'm still...processing, I think. It was the most intense movie I've seen in awhile - I discovered awhile back that really intense movies start setting off my anxiety. *eyeroll* It's stupid, I know, but having a panic attack in the middle of a movie theater is not my idea of a good time. Anyway, this movie had a couple of scenes that had me cringing and covering my eyes, and left me feeling...unsettled. It certainly didn't help that the main character carries knives and uses them in his fights, and, as anyone who knows me well knows, I'm, well, phobic of anything that can cut flesh. So, I can't really tell you how the fight scenes looked - my eyes were closed for those.

As to the rest of The acting was phenominal - I was really impressed with Hugo Weaving (who, it turns out, can actually emote, provided he's only allowed to use his voice and body language, and not his face). As an actor, I know it had to be freaking difficult, and he made it look beautifully simple. Natalie Portman surprised me - she starts having a panic attack at one point, and I could feel my chest tightening just listening to and watching her. The dynamic between the two of them was wonderful, and didn't feel forced to me at all.

The visuals - my goodness, the visuals. The use of color, the use of symbols, the cuts back and forth between separate spaces - it was all done fabulously.

I really need to read the graphic novel now - I had decided to hold off doing so until after I'd seen the movie, because I didn't want to spend the movie comparing it to the book. It helps me enjoy a movie a bit more if I don't know what to expect.

So, that's about that. I'm lying here, watching Evita and trying to keep a purring Ram-cat from squeezing his way under the laptop onto my lap. Overall, it's a good day.

Come to think of it, overall, it's a damned good life.
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