Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Ah, family

So, my older brother lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter (my brother having a wife and daughter is still a very odd concept for me, by the by) - he's a paramedic and firefighter for Baltimore County. He was in the middle of getting his paramedic's degree when I moved out to Portland, which is why he didn't come with Mom and me. I was actually about an inch away from staying in Maryland to stay closer to him and "keep the family together"...but I digress.

He, his wife, and his daughter left on Thursday (or Friday morning, not positive which) from Maryland to drive to Portland, to stay with my mom until Friday, when they'll come up here for the rehearsal and all that jazz. They told my mom that they would be coming in on Thursday, then changed that to Tuesday when their plans to visit my aunt and uncle in Minnesota on the way fell through (long story). So, Mom's expecting them on Tuesday.

They showed up late last night.

This should be...interesting. :)
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