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Schedule of events

For myself and a few of you, but mostly for myself. :)

Today: I get off work at noon. Take the car back to Everett, buying cat food and paper for the programs and dropping off said paper and the disc with the file for the programs off at Kinko's. Home to feed the kitties, then to the bank to try to deposit those checks. Rawr. Then back home to clean a bit (hopefully), and off to Seattle by 6 to pick up Eric from work. Together, we pick up Angela and Matt from their romps downtown, and they drive us to Susie's for the bridal shower (Deleva picking up Marie at the airport on her way, I believe) (which means we may be there early) and then Eric will take Matt back to the hotel. I...somehow get home after the shower. Not sure on that one. :)

Friday: Eric drives himself into work, allowing my lazy bum to sleep in a bit. My mom and brother come to pick me up and together we pick up Angela and (possibly) Erin and head to Pike Place Market. We'll meet up with Susie, get flowers (yay flowers!), and bring them back to Susie's place so she can work her magic. My mom and brother and sister-in-law may want to wander around Seattle a bit or somesuch, so I'm thinking having them haul everybody to the rehearsal in Everett would be wise. (Eric's picking up Gwen after he gets off from work, so he can snag Gwen and Matt (and Erin if she's not with us) and take them down.) Rehearsal from 6 to 8, dinner immediately following, then taking people to their various hotels and then HOME. Finally.

Saturday: EEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeE! Possibly see if Rich and Erin can haul people without transportation to the station from the hotel (so convenient that almost everyone is in the same hotel). Doors open at 10am, photos start at 10:30, ceremony starts at noon, feasting immediately afterwards. We'll leave around 3, room closes down at 5. We still need to appoint someone clean-up person (or, at least, one who oversees the clean-up and getting people out on time), and my family is taking care of hauling gifts back to mom's hotel room.

Sunday: Somehow, getting Marie to the airport for her 7am flight, and Angela and Matt to the airport for their 11:30am flight. Brunch with Eric's family, then gift opening at mom's hotel room, followed by hauling said gifts to our apartment.

Monday: Brunch with my family, followed by the family photos.

...oh, yeah, breathing and eating and sleeping. I knew I was forgetting something. :)
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