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New icon! Mady by princessgeek. Yay, wedding!

My inner musical-theater geek was quite amused as I was listening to Sirius' Broadway's Best station. The song "The Internet is for Porn" came on just as I was dealing with a debtor whose address was on Avenue Q. Hee. (Those who don't get the above, no worries. Woo, semi-obscure theater references!)

Speaking of debtors, I can across a couple named Buddy and Bunny B******. Seriously, Bunny? And Buddy? On legal documents, and all? Oy.

And again, Barbra Streisand needs to die. Not only does she cover "My Favorite Things", she rewrites it, sorta. She basically rearranged it so it sounds like some sort of nightclub song, of the type to be done by Wayne Newton or somesuch. She also rearranged the lines of the song, so even if you were trying to sing along/drown her out, you wouldn't be able to. Grr, I say. Vengeance shall be mine, one day.

A real update soon-ish. Maybe. :)
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